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Content Development

Copywriting, Proofing, Revision, Editing, Blog Posts, etc.

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Virtual Assistant Services

Bookkeeping, Research, Personal Assistant, Email Management, Scheduling, Administrative Tasks

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Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, Yelp, Snapchat – posting appropriate items for you, responding to requests, networking,...

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Customer Support

Email, Social Media, Help Desk, Tech Support, and more

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Web Development

Website creation, responsive websites, WordPress, SBI, HTML/CSS, eCommerce, etc.

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Marketing Automation

Email, CRM, Ecommerce, Survey, Conferences, Webinars, Online/In person Training, Seminars, Product Sales, Marketing, etc. Email: follow up sequences, nurture sequences,...

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Why Choose Create 2 Sell?

Penny by penny, cent by cent, you’ll find that the more administrative tasks, those pesky time vampires as we call them, you turn over to us, the more time you have to spend getting out there and being your sparkling, dazzling, energetic, networking self – promoting yourself or your product, whatever that might be!   Create 2 Sell has built our business helping solo entrepreneurs realize their dreams, that is our specialty.  Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Marketers – anyone brave enough to dive off into the deep end of the self employment pool and just start swimming towards their dream … you don’t have to make the journey alone carrying the entire weight of the business on your shoulders.  The fact is, the better you do, the more prosperous your business becomes, the more work and referrals you end up tossing our way – we don’t succeed unless you do!   That’s the standard Create 2 Sell was founded on over a decade ago …

About Create 2 Sell

Create 2 Sell was founded by Paige Jackson in 2006 based off of a case study experiment done while earning her degree in Business Administration.  The experiment was focused on extremes in small business and Paige was tasked with finding polar opposites - the business owner who was drowning under the weight of wearing far too many hats versus the business owner who had delegated almost every aspect of his business to someone else.  As you can imagine, the first...

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